Concrete Resurfacing

Townsville Concrete Resurfacing Service

Revamp your Driveway with Concreters Townsville’s Resurfacing Services.

You’ve been thinking about how your driveway needs an extra revamp to preserve its structure. But you can’t seem to decide how to do that though you just want to make it look like the first time you got it. This service is for you! Whether you want to decorate it or just give its structure a little strength, resurfacing is the best way to go. It involves mixing a cement-based overlay with bonding agents to create a polished-looking surface. It gets sturdier as it dries, too!

What kind of surfaces can be decorated with this service?
Answer: Any clean surfaces with no major damages! Whatever decorative finish you appy, whether exposed or stamped, we can resurface it and add colour.

This type of refinishing can be done on pool decks, patios, footpaths, indoor floors, median strips and pedestrian precincts.

It is important to note that we can’t resurface when there are major cracks. You would have to reseal it first before we can do resurfacing.

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