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frequently asked questions

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M², or square metre, is a unit of measurement. A surface that is one metre long and one metre wide is equivalent to one square metre.

MPa is another unit of measurement that means megapascal. It is used in concrete to quantify its compressive strength.

Usually, concrete used for residential properties ranges from 17.5 MPa to 50MPa compressive strength, which increases over a period of 28 days. We normally use 20MPa and 25MPa for paths, footings and driveways unless you have a different request.

We use SL72 steel reinforcing mesh for concrete driveways. It is usually placed on top of chairs, which elevate it towards the center of the concrete pad.

It is usually okay to carefully walk on new concrete after 12 hours, depending on the concrete finish. However, we recommend waiting for one week or more before driving on a brand new driveway.

You should apply concrete sealers such as high-performance epoxy, urethane, and acrylic sealers 28 days after placing the concrete

Factors such as sun exposure, wear and tear and other weathering effects directly affect the frequency of how often you should seal decorative concrete. As a general rule, we recommend doing it every two years.

Cracks can definitely be treated or repaired, but the crack repair will be very obvious. We recommend adding a resurfacing product over the entire area after treating or repairing a crack to cover the repair.

To reduce the risk of cracking, we recommend running expansion cuts through concrete in strategic areas,

There are many ways to make concrete look new, and selecting the method to use depends on individual circumstance. Options include washing and sealing, sealing with a tint, stenciling or resurfacing.

Stamped concrete is created with a textured mat pressed onto new concrete. The stamp mats look like several effects such as brick, slate tile, bush rock, flagstone, london cobble and wood planks. Stamped concrete is commonly used in patios, pool surrounds, paths and driveways.

It offers a beautiful, realistic pattern albeit artificial.

It is concrete with its top surface washed off to show off the stones (aggregates) underneath. There are a lot of exposed aggregate concrete mixes to select from.

It is budget-friendly, durable, and very low maintenance.

It is plain concrete with tints added to the mix to achieve a particular colour.

It is a cheap but effective way of upgrading plain grey concrete to a colorful, stylish concrete surface that you can customize to compliment your surroundings.

Often mistaken for as stamped concrete, stencilled concrete is placed on top of old concrete at a later date.

It is an excellent way of changing the overall look of your concrete without spending too much money.

By regularly sealing your concrete, its lifespan increases dramatically. It is best to seal stencilled and stamped concrete every two years or so.

Usually, you can have decorative concrete sealed. During the process, an anti-slip grit can be applied.

Our usual lead time is two weeks, but this may vary.

This varies depending on the project. Normally, we can excavate a 50 square metre driveway in one day and prepare it. We place the concrete and finish the project on the second day.

Due to expanding and contracting, it is normal for concrete to crack.

We quote according to the project, so we don’t have a square metre rate.