Stamped Concrete in townsville

Stamped Concrete Services

Our Stamped Concrete service will leave any of your surfaces looking sleek and modern without spending a lot of money. Aside from being cost-efficient, it is also easy to preserve. It’s hard wearing and its pattern designs look realistic too! Basic types include stone, slate, wood, and brick. Turn your neighbours’ heads with this service. Just like with other finishes, the creative possibilities are endless with this one, too!

What’s the procedure for concrete stamping?
Basically, it’s just making use of rubber stamps or texturing mats to create patterns or shapes on your concrete. It involves a lot of steps which can be summarized to:

  • Adding base colour. Integral colour is added in the mixer while broadcast is added after placing the cement.
  • Applying colour release agent. This gives dimension and stops stamps from sticking to the concrete.
  • Actual stamping or pressing design into wet cement. This is done to achieve the pattern or texture you want on your surface.
  • Drying and cleaning release agent off. After it dries, the surface is washed with a high pressure cleaning equipment.
  • Adding resealing. Coat sealer is applied.

What kind of surfaces can be decorated with this service?
This can be used on driveways, roads, interior floors, patios, and pedestrian areas. Although with colouring, you have to look for an agent that is also skidproof to make sure that people won’t easily slip especially if the ground is sloped.