Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Exposed Aggregate in Townsville

Cost-effective and aesthetically attractive, exposed aggregate concrete has been the go-to finish for most people. This method removes the top layer so that the natural textures of stones like pebble, silicate, or shells are visible on the surface.

Dye may be added to achieve shades or colour combinations that would go well with the theme that you are looking for. Modern, earth tones, geometric shapes, lines, the creative possibilities are just endless with this method! Let your neighbours watch in awe as we transform your driveway.

Our experienced team are here to give you a comprehensive catalog and suggestions as well as listen to your needs. Let your creative imagination run wild and we’ll make it happen!

Exposed Aggregate Definition

It is the process of removing the top layer and creating a surface revealing stones with its natural textures. This will give your concrete a modern and ornamental feel. There are numerous techniques that can be done to achieve various finishes. This method is never out-of-style and is always in demand.

Advantages of Exposed Concrete
  • Inexpensive
  • Aesthetically appealing and neat
  • Endless creative possibilities and versatile
  • Skidproof and Sturdy