Concrete Stenciling

Townsville Concrete Stenciling Service

If you are looking for a way to improve your property’s value, and you feel like footpaths, driveways, and outdoor living areas are a bit too outdated for your taste, decorative concrete can be a great choice for you. Concrete resurfacing and stencilling is one of our most popular, affordable, and excellent ways to improve a brand new or existing concrete area.

Concrete Stencil Supplies Townsville

Find a perfect match to your surroundings with the wide range of colours, textures, and pattern designs we offer. We can help you give your concrete a new life without breaking the bank by creating an affordable solution tailor-made for your needs and your budget.

Stencil Concrete Price and Timeline

The process of creating decorative concrete is a fast and budget-friendly way to upgrade the complete look of your desired area, since it can be completed in one or two days. Our decorative concrete coatings are abrasion-resistant to the usual pedestrian and vehicular traffic, as well as weather exposure. Best of all, they are very durable and easy to maintain once applied.

Concrete resurfacing is sometimes referred to as stamped concrete, stencil concrete, covercrete, driveway resurfacing, concrete tinting, concrete painting, or pool surround resurfacing. The end result of this process, no matter what it is called, is a hard-wearing, slip-resistant surface that is sealed for durability and water resistance. There are also a few available custom finishes that will suit specific environments.

  • Different colours, textures, and pattern designs
  • A wide range of colours to choose from, so you can find the one that best compliments your environment
  • Upgrade a new or existing concrete area quickly by concrete resurfacing and stenciling
  • Affordable, durable, and abrasion-resistant
  • Easy maintenance

Tips for concrete resurfacing and stenciling

One of the keys to creating a beautiful outdoor space is the flooring. The best option is something both practical and beautiful, and will hold well with high traffic.

All materials, including concrete, encounter damages as time goes by. Heavy traffic and harsh conditions can dull and age concrete surfaces. When this eventually happens, you don’t need to replace the whole area. With or without stencils, concrete resurfacing can bring life back to your old concrete. This is an excellent way to change your surroundings without taking too much time, effort, and money.

Stenciling concrete, or resurfacing decoratively, is a perfect solution for this. We, at Concreters Townsville, can help you achieve a beautiful, non-slip surface that looks like tiles, brick, cobblestone, slate, or granite, that you can walk on in a few hours. In most cases, it lasts longer than regular concrete. All you need to do is sweep it, rinse it down regularly, and apply a coat of sealer every two years. The sealer will ensure that the surface is protected from direct solar radiation, chemical spills, moisture penetration, and abrasion, so you can enjoy your concrete surface for many years.

The process behind our concrete resurfacing

Concreters Townsville can resurface almost any area, as long as the damage is cosmetic. We do not recommend resurfacing for concrete surfaces that have serious structural problems, or are in need of extensive damage repair. If the surface can be resurfaced, here’s what happens:

  1. Using a special concrete power washer, we clean the surface and get rid of the dirt that the usual hose or broom cannot remove.
  2. We then prepare a resurfacing mix using our paddle mixers and drills, and apply it to your wetted surface. This is to prevent the loss of moisture and ensures that the final result is smooth and even.
  3. Depending on what you need the surface for, we either continue the process here or stop. For heavy duty surfaces like driveways, the surface can be cured for several hours before you can use it. Surfaces for other parts of the home, will require a few more steps.
  4. If the area is near a water source, like a swimming pool, we will add a low-slip additive.
  5. If you want a pattern on your concrete surface, we will apply a primer and a base coat. You may want to select an area or do the process all over, so we will protect the surrounding areas from overspraying.
  6. The stenciled pattern you chose will then be applied. We will cover this with cover crete for protection. After it dries up, it will be swept clean again then covered with one last layer of sealer.

It takes only a few hours to upgrade a dull concrete area to a beautiful surface tailor-made for your needs. Call us today to get started!